Glass Manufacturers:

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Drop in glass coating solution – no incremental costs or new processes
High value, differentiated coating solutions optimized to end customer and market requirements
Single source for all your coating material needs

Solar Module Manufacturers:

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High return on investment, easy to integrate and operate coating platform utilizing standard, commercially available roll coating equipment
Product differentiation and lifetime value maximization for end customers
Simplified logistics and increased supply chain flexibility
Total process quality control for optimal optical gain and cosmetic consistency
Up to a 3% increase in peak power with lower manufacturing costs per watt

System Owners and Operators:

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Functionalized coatings optimized to a project’s end use environment
50% less frequent, easier, and faster cleanings
Reduced O&M costs and up to 5% lower LCOE
Significantly higher toughness and durability over conventional coatings leads to more energy over a project’s lifetime